We are SpotBot. A creative post production studio located in Venice Beach, CA & Barcelona, Spain. Our passion is in our name: Spots! 5’s, 30’s 60’s, social, product videos, special projects, … you name it– If it’s moving, we’re all in!

100% Creative

We are all in on the creative. Without any overhead we are lean and we move quick. Our only focus is your project.

110% Perfection

We pay an obsessive amount of attention to detail. We will go the extra mile to surprise with our vision & delight with perfection.

Our Services

"This is my favorite video we've done so far!!! You guys are amazing!!"

Carol Fukunaga – Creative Director, Nissan

On Our Bucket List

Will Not Happen

  • Move into a sweet new office
  • Receive a deadline extension
  • Host a holiday party
  • Install a custom server
  • Air a broadcast spot
  • Get a Super Bowl commercial
  • Host a Pizza Party
  • Fall asleep on the client couch
  • Open a box of cookies from a happy client
  • Wrestle in the sound booth
  • missed deadlines
  • grumpy faces
  • empty cups of coffee

"Your team has really gone above and beyond on this project. Thank you!"

— Chad Weiss – Senior Creative Director, Infiniti

Brands We Love To Create For

Diverse Supplier

SpotBot, Inc. is 100% LGBT-owned, proudly certified as an LGBT-owned Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce since November 16, 2019. Our corporate clients can count their entire post-production budget towards their goals for conducting business with diverse suppliers, demonstrating their commitment to the economic empowerment of diverse entrepreneurs.

This is reportable as certified tier-2 diverse spend to a growing number of corporations, state, local and federal agencies who require reporting of this data.

SpotBot+ here we come!