Creative Space. Creative Mind.

We designed our studio to inspire creativity. Skylights provide fresh ocean air. The Stage is calibrated for BT.2020 color grading. Dolby Atmos Studio speakers engulf you in surround sound. The Client lounge invites you to calm your mind.

Modern Design

Who needs an architect? Using our 3D know-how we designed the entire studio in-house. Tailored exactly to our needs.

Clean Energy

We love mother earth. Our studio is build with energy efficiency in mind and uses 100% renewable energy.

Tech Nerds At Work

We LOVE technology and employ state of the art equipment for cutting edge post production workflows. We even developed our own software to offer solutions that can’t be matched.


Atmos Speakers




Render GPUs


Custom LED Strips

¡Bienvenido! Now with Satelite Studio in Barcelona, Spain!

24/7 Workflow

When one team heads to bed the other will continue on the other side of the world.

Closer To You

No matter if you're shooting in Europe or The Americas. We are close to you!

Talent On Two Continents

The best VFX artists and the most creative Designers. All in one place. For you.


Okay, maybe this one won't directly benefit you but we REALLY like the Tapas.

Los Angeles Studio

3767 Greenwood Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066, USA
Tel: +1 310 570 2523

Barcelona Satelite Studio

Calle De La Diputació 63, 08015, Barcelona, Spain
Tel: ‭+34 620 633 733‬